Beat The Kube at Swim Club Fundraiser (Independent)

Beat The Kube at Swim Club Fundraiser (Independent)

Independent – New Ross Standard 30/09/2014

SEVERAL New Ross clubs have come to the assistance of New Ross Swimming Club who have been left without a training facility in the town after the closure of the Apex.

A Beat The Kube games night fundraiser for the club will be held on Saturday, November 8 at the Brandon House Hotel. New Ross Lions Club, along with eight other clubs and societies and an event sponsor have been secured for the event.

Ray Lawlor, President of New Ross Lions Club, said: ‘We are delighted but not surprised by how other clubs and societies dependent on volunteerism in the locality have responded to our request to help out a fellow club in need. The sense of community is alive and well in New Ross.’

Pat Keane, Chairperson of New Ross Swimming Club, said: ‘We are very grateful to New Ross Lions Club for their support and expertise in organising this exciting fundraiser for the Swimming Club. Although this has been a very difficult year for the club, the support that we have received from our young swimmers (ages 7-16) and their parents and coaches has been truly heart-warming and inspirational and this gives us great hope for the future.’

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September 30th, 2014

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