Other Events

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing Fundraising Events are becoming one of the most popular Fundraising Events in Ireland today.


They are a great opportunity for the community to get involved in a high class professional production. For some, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and practice and achieve a Big Stage Dance Routine. It brings the entire community together, and most importantly, given the profile of the event, it is a huge fundraising opportunity for the Club or Organisation.

Race Nights

Race Night Services is Ireland’s leading Race Night Event Supplier and we have all the elements required for your Race Night.

We can supply DIY Packages, or Professional ‘Operator Packages’ which are the professional hassle free way to raise funds.

Elements Required to Run Your Race Night:
1. Race Night Films & Tote Tickets
2. PA and AV Equipment
3. Race Card / Starter Pack Design & Printing
4. Professional Operator

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