Fundraising Events is becoming “The” solution for turn-key fund raising events Raising big numbers for clubs and exhilarating attendees

Fundraising Events is becoming “The” solution for turn-key fund raising events Raising big numbers for clubs and exhilarating attendees

Dublin, December 18th, is turning heads in the fund raising arena and making news each year by generating above average funds for clubs and venues across the country. The trick to this effective new way to events is the creativity of the shows and an absolutely out of the box approach to the organization of the event nights.

The shows are inspired by successful TV shows and global stage events. The fund raising team have figured out how to take the excitement and vigor of a TV show and bring it to your local venue. The team that run the events are experienced event coordinators and so each event runs smoothly elevating the brand of the club, continuing the reputation of the fundraising events and allowing people to focus on the raising of funds in an optimal environment.

“For us, it is about excellence. We strive for it in every way. Creating events that are incredibly creative and run perfectly” – says James Boucher. Fundraising is the outcome and we wanted to do it in a way that was never done before. True excellence and excitement”, continues James Boucher.

The events fall into two categories, Gameshow Nights and Big Stage Productions. Both allow the attendees and club members to be involved either directly or cheering on a club member, friend or family member. “The Kube” is an example of a gameshow night that has taken off and is creating a buzz around the country. This one night has raised 2 million euros across 2015 for charities and clubs around the country. The contestants test their wits, strength and speed in “the Kube” that is center stage. As spin off of the popular TV show “The Cube”, this event brings all the excitement of being on a live TV show and is expertly run by a team of people that know what they are doing. This event comes equipped with promotional material, invites, and every dazzling design you can think of to help promote the event.

Strictly Dance is an example of a big stage production and also has full-loaded promotional packs. Contestants get to show off their dance skills, while raising money for charities of their choice. Feedback from clubs and venues is that this event is “the best fund raising experience they have attended”, noted by a recent club founder.


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This robust new events initiative is set to continue offering surprises and consistency. We expect even higher numbers to be raised in 2016 and they are set up to take the country by storm.

Fundraising Events: Established since 1992, have helped raise millions for various charities nationwide and here at Fundraising Events we like to get involved with every aspect of organizing a fundraising event. – See more at:




December 21st, 2015

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