Testimonial – Cobh Gaa Club

Testimonial – Cobh Gaa Club

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It certainly was a great success for the club and great as you say to see young and old enjoying themselves. When you have an 85 year old old man up off his seat and dancing and people dancing on the tables, it speaks volumes about the entertainment and fun that people had. I just wanted to say that you in particular were excellent and did a brilliant job as MC and really made it a very enjoyable and fun event. How you managed all the kids I will never know, it was like trying to herd cats, but fair play to you, you did a great job. “So many people commented on the professionalism and high level of production of the event, it really blew people away, along with the outstanding job the MC did on the night it making the event fun for all ages”.

We had a great committee in place and that really helps ensure that everything goes to plan. I know from previous events that we have organized that the running of the events on the night can be challanging, so having a compay like fundraising events manage the night took a lot of the pressue off and I actually enjoyed an event for a change!!!

So yes we will certainly be in contact again and I would have no hesitation on recommending fundraising events to other clubs or people who contact me or other members of our comittee.


July 13th, 2015

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